How to make it rain coffee?

The creative economy, also called the “Orange Economy”, produces content that influences on our lives. Juan Luis Guerra´s famous song “I hope it rains coffee” could be interpreted as an irrational utopian dream but that is not necessarily right. In spite of that the song was inspired by hope in face of adversity of Dominican Republic, this phrase can illustrate how we can transform our lives or what we can do to change our destiny. Then, how do you make it rain coffee?

By Juan Carlos Ruíz | Músico & MBA | Colaborador Venezuela Sinfóncia

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The first tip is education. According to an article by Raúl Baltar, a successful executive and entrepreneur, education goes before new goals life. Therefore we are responsible for our own education today, according to Raúl Baltar. For example, anyone with internet access can study English through “Duolingo” which is a massive-scale online collaboration system created by Luis von Ahn, which is another example of creative economy. Juan Luis Guerra studied philosophy, literature and music. I remember my teacher of the MBA program at INCAE Business School, Nicolas Marin, told me three pieces of advice: education, education, and education.

The second tip is innovation. Raúl Baltar believes that innovation is the challenge for any enterprise or anyone. Juan Luis Guerra has played several musical styles such as Merengue, Bachata, Bolero, Mambo, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, etc. and he has songs in several languages. But he has not made it alone, everyone must have heard of his group “4:40” that is his team and partners. I agree with Baltar and Guerra, innovation is the input and output of success aimed by a team. One of many examples of innovation in Venezuela is Eduardo Betancourt, the first solo harpist to be nominated to the Pepsi Music Awards 2016 in Venezuela, in the categories of best traditional artist, best song and best album of the year 2016. Eduardo is an example of perseverance, dedication, innovation, team work and inspiration. His proposal is characterized by the fusion of Venezuelan music with other genres and has brought Venezuelan Harp to the world and more importantly to numerous concert halls and international festivals of great cultural value.

The third tip is inspiration. We can make our lives more exciting. According to The New Herald, Juan Luis Guerra composed the song “Canto a Colombia” after his return from Colombia. Guerra found the inspiration to imagine his successful friends, Carlos Vives, Juanes, Shakira, and Sofía Vergara. Sometimes music is an elevated prayer to heaven. Juan Luis Guerra has sold over 30 million records, 18 Latin Grammy Award, two Grammy Awards, etc. The secret is to do things from heart. “I Hope it Rains Coffee” is an example of how we can create art from emotional intelligence. My opinion is that we can build our future and our environment using the following complementary elements: our thoughts, words, decisions and actions.

In conclusion, to make it rain coffee is a task for ourselves. Our education is essential and the tools are available to almost everybody. In addition, a society with an Orange Economy is an innovative society. Lastly, the center of our mission must be the human being.

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“¿Ojalá que llueva café en el campo?”

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Patricia Aloy
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